When a Business Goes Mobile, Business Auto Coverage Is Needed

There is a lot of competition for customers amid most any industry, but Pies by Joe–a new startup in the city–was finding that things were particularly cutthroat in the pie world. He was going up against the traditional established names, as well as the other mom and pop shops that had been around for years. The thing was, Joe truly believed that his product–gooey, cheesy, garlicky and featuring the very finest, freshest ingredients, all baked in ovens made of Italian bricks just like his grandfather from San Torino, Italy, used in his own establishment back in the day–was superior to just about anyone else’s around. To make things even simpler, he offered a delivery option that would enable his customers to order their dinner treats and have them arrive in less than an hour, which was something that Grandpa Joe had never even thought of. And because of that twist, young Joe needed to purchase business insurance in Wantage, New Jersey.

What the coverage provides

This policy features protection for standard risks such as auto liability, bodily injury, medical payments, property damage, uninsured or underinsured motorists, specified perils, and even coverage for employees who operate their own cars or trucks during the course of business–perfect for Joe, who did not yet have the means to purchase a fleet of vehicles for home delivery and currently must rely on his employees to drive their own autos and trucks (proudly displaying a magnetic sign with the Pies by Joe logo whenever they rolled out with a steaming hot concoction of sausage-topped delight) when making deliveries around town. As the owner, he reimburses employees for mileage at a reasonable rate, and he takes pains to hire workers who, though young, are very responsible, reliable people. He realizes that some of these folks, many of whom are in their late teens and early twenties, may have a fairly short history in terms of a driving record; the fact that they will be motoring around town under the auspices of working for him is a major concern, knowing that if they get into an accident while in the course of doing business, it can drive up his premiums not to mention cause damage, injury or even death that could negatively impact his business as well as the people involved.

What’s the best course of action?

This proud pizza papa would be well served to contact a professional insurance agent about purchasing a business insurance in Wantage New Jersey policy. The coverage will help protect Joe, his joint, his workers and the community in general.


photo credit: didbygraham cc