marina insurance

Boating Concerns and Coverage Solutions

As the owner of a marina, it is your responsibility as a business person to safely and securely store the recreational boats you own or that are in your care. While you do your best to be prepared for inclement weather and any other negative circumstances, there will always exist the possibility of accidents and other disasters that are completely out of your control.

When it comes to coverage concerns, you need a policy for your own property, as well as the property of other boat owners. Having insurance means that, if something goes wrong, you won’t have to dip into personal money to make things right. To protect the future and current assets of your business, it’s important that you invest in marina insurance.

Water creates hazardous situations

As any frequent visitor to marinas knows, slipping and tripping can often be common occurrences. The conditions are ripe for tripping hazards associated with marinas to occur. Noticeable tripping hazards are transition points, areas where a ramp meets the pier for example or unmarked curbs. Places where customers form lines, docks where hoses or electrical cords are often seen laying about, as well as deck boards that have broken free on one end, pose a threat. Even screws or nails that have over time popped up can cause issues.

Also, whether it’s due to rain, the type of deck material used, or the incline of a ramp, the decks used as walkways and ramps can become quite slippery. In colder climates, the decks of docks and ramps may even freeze. Your marina needs to address any concerns with slippery decks by having proper signage in view, and by using materials that are resilient to ice, or otherwise addressing the slippery surface, such as the removing excess water from the dock.

Employees or clients, citing any lack of safety in your operations or the quality of your services, can hold your business liable if they are injured. In order to maintain the success of your marina, it’s important you invest in protection in case a claim is made against your business. Having insurance for marinas will not only provide you with peace of mind but also help cover the damages for a wide number of claims.