Before Building a Marketing System, Build Your Trust

You spend a considerable amount of your operating budget implementing an insurance marketing system, a robust marvel of automation and efficiency that makes it possible to produce documents in seconds that used to take all day (or so it is, according to those who’ve been around since “back in the day”). However, unless you are simultaneously building consumer trust into your business, you could be short-changing your clients and your employees alike.

In an industry report conducted by industry giant KPMG, the concept of building and maintaining consumer trust is considered a core value, according to 61 percent of senior executives, while half that many of the survey respondents said the challenge of accumulating and sustaining such trust will be one of the most challenging tasks they will face over the next 12 to 24-month period. In fact, the only challenge these respondents said was more pressing was the need for expansion and growth of their top line.

Survey findings reveal changing values

The survey found that these days, with so many ways to conduct business, transactional-based consumer/company relationships are declining in favor of those that are more engaging on an emotional, cooperative level. To that end, 41 percent of these savvy survey respondents say they are inflating their social media strategies, while 31 percent reveal they are increasing their expenditures for membership and loyalty programs; through the discounts and personal data exchanged in these programs, companies can better target their audience with personalized, highly influential marketing campaigns that clearly affect consumers’ buying decisions.

Don’t think that these tactics are merely among retail and other industries-insurers are included among the groups that are actively seeking to build trust with their potential and existing client base, and improve each engagement experience.

Of course, implementing a robust insurance marketing system is necessary for an agency today to operate and compete against rival firms in the most efficient manner possible. Just keep in mind that while you are constructing all of that seamless back-end integration across a myriad of platforms for optimum speed of processing everything from quotes to claims, ultimate connectivity cannot occur without carefully constructing a relationship based on trust with your clients that you nurture and maintain with the utmost fidelity.