Bars Often Have Unique Liability Issues

Owning a bar often comes with its own unique set of responsibilities. Like any businesses, the owners may be held responsible for any problem that happens on the premises, whether a guest gets injured or someone damages his or her personal property. Additionally, bars serve alcohol, so they often have additional liabilities that other businesses typically dont need to worry about. Thats why the bar liability market is so important for both bar owners and insurance brokers.

For regular problems that can happen anywhere like someone tripping or getting shoved into furniture and getting hurt, general liability insurance may typically help. This insurance generally provided coverage for such medical issues and related financial expenses like lost wages.

On the other hand, regular liability insurance may not cover injuries due to intoxication. If a patron at a bar has too much to drink and punches someone, the latter individual may sue the establishment. The bar may also get sued even if the drunk person causes injuries outside of the bar. As long as they became inebriated at a bar, that particular bar may get sued. To protect themselves against these types of liabilities, bars usually need to have liquor liability insurance and assault and battery insurance.

Due to the specific nature of the bar environment, bar owners often need to have additional liability insurance. The bar liability market may provide various types of coverage for all types of situations.