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contingent cargo

Protecting Your Valuable Assets with Cargo Coverage

Having contingent cargo insurance helps you to protect your business assets, as well as your company’s reputation and relationships you’ve forged with your clients and customers. Regardless of whether products travel by truck, rail, air or sea, having cargo insurance can properly protect you from a wide variety of potential losses that could prove to be quite costly, especially without proper coverage in place.

Cargo insurance provides vital protection

Transportation brokers, along with freight forwarders, importers, exporters, and logistics specialists all rely on their insurance policies to come to their aid when a shipment is lost or damaged, or in the event costly delays occur making their customers upset and seeking compensation. Cargo protection can be designed and tailored for your particular services so it will not only protect your customers, it will also enable you to further grow your own business interests significantly.

Imagine, if you arrange a large shipment of goods for an important customer and the train carrying those goods derails, perhaps one of your primary concerns would be if the shipment were properly covered. Most operators would have a hard time recovering from a loss of this nature without the benefit of having a solid contingent cargo policy for this type of incident.

The best agencies offering contingent cargo coverage have spent time analyzing the insurance being made available to the logistics industry, often identifying and noting any shortcomings with respect to existing policies, enabling them to provide the very best programs available in the market today. Partnering with an insurer that design their cargo insurance program to provide reliable, comprehensive coverage that you can trust is in your best interest.

Whether you arrange for the transportation of goods across the US or around the globe, there’s always a chance that the cargo you’ve been entrusted with won’t actually make it to its destination. Thefts, accidents and other mishaps can possibly wreak havoc to your bottom line. The best and most comprehensive way to protect your profits from losses of this sort is a customized cargo insurance program.

If you own, manage or operate any type of freight business take the time to speak with a cargo insurance expert for quotes on coverage specific to your needs.


insurance companies, Dublin

Key Features To Look for in a Business Insurance Company

Businesses large and small carry risks. Identifying all of them can be difficult and time consuming, which is why consulting an experienced professional for your insurance needs can save you time and money. A reputable firm should invest their time into learning more about your company to appropriately develop an effective coverage plan. They may ask you for information about all the different areas of your daily operations to get a better idea of the potential gaps in your current coverage or possible risks if you’re purchasing a brand new plan. If you’re looking for insurance companies, Dublin has plenty of options for you to research.

While searching for the right insurance company, keep in mind that while broad experience can be useful, there are many agencies with industry specializations. An insurance agent with experience in your company’s niche can be extremely helpful in identifying risks and planning the right amount of coverage for your money. This can also be useful when developing benefits for employees, so you can keep your staff happy and appeal to new recruits. There are many insurance companies in Dublin that take a personal interest in their clients, are easily reachable and willing to work with business owners to protect their assets and plan for the future.

cyber security insurance

Cyber Risks Prominent in the Healthcare Industry

With growing concerns about the increased cyber liability risks that face healthcare organizations, as a nation, we understand how cyber security insurance can be vital to repairing any damages that may occur. In fact, cyber risks account for one-third of all data security breaches reported and cost an average of 3.62 million globally, according to research firm Ponemon Institute.

Insecure websites, databases and health information exchanges are highly vulnerable to insider and outsider threats. In addition, healthcare employees are fueling breach risks by increased use of their personal unsecured devices (smartphones, laptops and tablets), along with business associations that are still not in compliance with HIPAA. This is all compounded by heightened government enforcement and regulatory security under the HITECH ACT and HIPAA, which results in increased fines and penalties for healthcare data breaches.

Employers must protect against cyber risks

Purchasing a cyber liability insurance policy designed to address the specific data security risks for health care organizations is essential in defeating threats of this nature. The risks include everything from identity theft of personal health information and Social Security numbers, to credit card numbers, financial information, etc. This can result in federal and state government lawsuits, class action claims resulting from a breach in PHI data, e-business interruption, cyber extortion threats, and additional costs associated with privacy notification, public relations and disaster recovery.

Your clients’ healthcare organizations can receive broad protection against data breaches, including coverage for third-party liability, and this includes disclosure injury, reputational injury, impaired-access injury, content injury, and conduit injury.

Your first-party coverage includes: privacy notification expenses, crisis management; e-business interruption, e-theft and e-communication loss, e-threat, plus e-vandalism expenses. Most policies also include special features, such as reimbursement for a percentage of any money spent to implement cyber loss prevention services and protect your healthcare data storage.

By doing a bit of research an organization can help reduce the chances of a breach occurring through risk assessment and risk management planning. Also, search for online network security risk assessment tools that can help to manage a company’s exposures.

Cyber risk is no joke, and your clients will be better prepared to deal with a crisis if they have cyber security insurance on hand to address the problem as soon as it happens.


insurance marketing organization

Marketing Techniques from Service Providers

There are companies that focus on providing marketing strategies for insurance agencies selling products and services online. An insurance marketing organization focusing on the needs of retail agents can help you identify your place in the market. This means having a good understanding of your target audience, how well you fare against the competition, and deciding the most effective ways in which to connect with your audience. One way to connect to your target audience is digitally, which depends on how well you leverage your presence online – whether on the web and via social media platforms.

Establish a plan and measure its effectiveness

You have the ability to create an advantage for yourself by doing research, investing the time needed to have a comprehensive website, and constantly creating new content. One way for insurance companies to measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts may be as simple as comparing the number of clients before and after a campaign.

Using their knowledge of the market, and citing objectives, most marketing agencies can help you to identify and prioritize the strategies most likely to generate the type of results you desire. This involves a combination of activities, including some traditional, mixed in with new media campaigns, making use of direct as well as indirect sales.

Try to establish some realistic goals which may also involve using online analytics to monitor website visits after launching a promotion to see just how well the audience is responding. Not only is it important to measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts based on quantitative data, insurance marketing organizations can use input from new and existing clients to determine how well their communication efforts are paying off.

Knowing what worked well and using that information moving forward will help demonstrate how your message might be conveyed more succinctly in the future. To be successful selling insurance you must know how to take advantage of any opportunity to leverage clients. They are one of your best ways to increase your book of business.

Errors and omissions insurance in NJ

Insurance for Professional Mistakes

When it comes to providing protection from claims of errors and omissions (E&O), most insurance agents understand the value of this coverage and carry a policy to protect themselves against claims and accusations. In reviewing errors and omissions statistics, producers are responsible for a significant number of these types of claims.

Producers remain primary targets of claims of errors or omissions despite the questionable validity of such claims. Errors and omissions insurance in NJ is a viable purchase due to the fact that many claims presented are fraudulent or without basis, yet are still costly to defend against. For many agencies, the degree to which these officers perform their jobs can greatly determine the agency’s success, making an assessment of its E&O risk an important consideration.

Understanding the needs of the customer

Producers must possess a high level of technical knowledge concerning their products and services in order to properly interact with prospects and potential customers. They need to be able to impart their knowledge in language that is easy to understand. They also must be committed to knowing the various classes and lines of business, as well as what differentiates one from another in order to make decisions that are in the best interests of their clients.

While technical knowledge is important, having product and industry knowledge and capable sales skills can really help close deals. For example, learning just how to take a prospective and turn them into a purchaser is critical, yet the sales process involves building trust that leads to a solid relationship.

Organizations that offer and provide solid training for sales and marketing typically do better, making decisions about buying from their organization easier for the client. An important factor for any producer is getting to know what risks a prospect may be exposed to, evaluating that risk, and coming up with viable solutions.

One way this can be accomplished is by using one of the various exposure analysis checklists. How producers conduct themselves during the sales process will often determine to what degree they may present an E&O risk, and errors and omissions insurance in NJ is crucial for those times when claims are made that must be addressed.


insurance website builder

Building an Insurance Website Potential Clients Love

Of the actions most successful insurance agencies take is pursuing close ties with their local business communities. However, there are certain situations when the benefit of going local simply does not outweigh the value represented by choosing a large national insurance website builder. An established insurance website builder is a good example of the type of service that provides a lot of value to you as an agency.

From a search engine optimization perspective, bigger companies have a distinct edge. They have access to big data sets and large-scale analytics that span hundreds of firms. These large enterprises are more likely to identify the trends that help bring visitors to your site. The unique market position of a large insurance website builder should also allow you to communicate information effectively and convert your web presence into a lead generation machine.

If you feel a lot of pressure to give some business to your local web design firms, you might still have an opportunity to do so. Consider, for example, making event-based websites for promotions or holidays. These can be different sites that direct back to your main website. You get such a good value when you use nationally established insurance website builder companies to handle your main site, you should have enough space in your marketing budget to form professional ties with local agencies as well.

Carmel business owners policy coverages

BOP Insurance for Your Business

If you’re a business owner, protecting yourself against property damage and liability claims should be considered a cost of doing business. One major accident is all it takes to completely disrupt your profit stream. It’s possible to obtain insurance coverage that protects against these risks with a policy that is both affordable and comprehensive. A BOP, or business owners policy, is usually issued to cover issues common to your unique industry. Carmel business owners policy coverages can include property insurance, liability coverage, and business interruption insurance.

BOP insurance has the advantage of pooling various coverages into one policy that can be customized for your unique business risks. One of the Carmel business owners policy coverages—property coverage—may include the structure of your building along with the contents inside. Some property coverage plans may also include a business interruption component that pays out a loss of income should your structure be compromised by fire or other disaster. Finally, liability coverage can often be included in a BOP plan. This type of coverage protects your business from lawsuits that may occur due to employee neglect or wrongdoing. Regardless of intent, malpractice that results in harm to others can leave you or your business liable for damages. BOP coverage can protect your business by giving you just what you need at a cost that makes sense.

insurance in Wilmington, DE

Finding the Right Insurance Company

The first step to finding the right insurance in Wilmington, DE is knowing what type of insurance you need. This means knowing whether you need business, personal or bond insurance. Most companies will specialize in one of these types, but you can find qualified professionals who offer access to all three. There may even be an agency around the corner who can sit down with you and go over all your insurance needs to find the right plans for your business as well as your personal life.

Finding the right insurance company means knowing what your insurance needs are. You can then find agents who offer that type of insurance and going over which plans best cover your needs. This can help you design a plan without gaps which doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Finding an agent can be as easy as doing an internet search and then choosing the one in your area with the best reputation.

Finding the right insurance in Wilmington, DE means knowing what type of insurance you need. This can sometimes be easy, because if you own a business then you need business insurance and if you are not personally covered then you need personal insurance. However, narrowing down the exact coverage that you need will usually involve sitting down with an agent and going over your risks and options.

tail coverage

Extending E&O Insurance Coverage Into Retirement

Errors and omission insurance, often called E&O or malpractice insurance, is important to your business. When you retire, you may want to end your E&O policy, but what happens if a claim is made after the policy ends? This is when tail coverage comes into play.

Extending the Claims Reporting Period

A claims-made policy generally has a time frame in which a claim needs to be made for the policy to cover it. Tail coverage is the industry jargon for an extended reporting coverage time frame. When you retire, purchasing tail coverage protects your assets from an unexpected legal action that might have been covered by your E&O policy.

Typically, a 3-year period of tail insurance is recommended. You should note that this insurance coverage won’t protect you from claims that occur from services provided after the E&O policy ended. It simply extends the period of that claims can be made on your E&O policy.

Protect Your Assets

Tail insurance coverage may need to be purchased within a specific time frame of ending your E&O policy. If you’re taking a break from practicing your profession, whether retirement or a sabbatical, consider this type of coverage to avoid self-insuring. Don’t bear the legal defense and damages on your own. Although doctors and lawyers are the most common professions that use this type of coverage, anyone with an E&O policy should discuss it with their insurer.

nightclub liquor liability insurance

Protecting Your Nightclub Against Liquor Liability

If alcohol is served at a nightclub, it is important that the establishment obtains nightclub liquor liability insurance. In addition to general liabilities such as accidents and worker’s compensation, policies should have specific coverage and guidelines surrounding alcohol.

In recent years, there has been an increase in public awareness surrounding drunk driving and related accidents. Unfortunately, this has not done much, if anything, to decrease the number of such incidences. These situations are particularly emotional for everyone involved, so should a case involving a nightclub and alcohol go to trial, it is very likely for a jury to look to the nightclub in question for liability.

Even if the nightclub is found not to be liable in a claim, it can still pay a hefty price. Unfortunately, it is possible for patrons to make dishonest or misleading claims in order to try to make some easy money. Legal fees, including lawyers and settlements, can be staggering. To prevent significant financial loss, it is extremely important to have adequate liability coverage for these situations.

It is imperative to have all the bases covered when it comes to nightclub liquor liability insurance. In order to prevent huge financial losses for the establishment, the importance of a comprehensive, solid plan cannot be understated.