Aegis General Insurance Agency Specializes in Underserved Markets

As an agent selling insurance to customers living in manufactured homes (i.e. mobile homes) you want to provide your clients with the type of security they may have now come to expect.

People living in mobile homes have risks and exposures uncommon with those living in structures with a standard foundation. They’ll most likely be interested to know just what articles or structures are covered under the policy, and what specific dangers are either included or excluded.

Aegis General Insurance Agency can answer a lot of questions that you, working in one of the more underserved markets, may get on a daily basis from people shopping for their first policy, or looking for better rates on their current insurance.

Mobile home owners want to know they have the proper coverage in place

In certain climates there exists perils that could have serious financial consequences for policyholders. No agency likes fielding calls from clients concerned that a policy they purchased covers their home, but excludes wind or hail damage. Wind is a particular danger for many manufactured homes. In another scenario, a lot of manufactured homes are put in flood plains, and some are more susceptible to flooding because of the foundation.

Your customers will need to have policies specific to their needs, along with contents insurance (similar to an apartment renter’s policy), to cover loss of possessions under any situation. You might want to suggest that they get replacement value coverage, that way, if they were to lose something, perhaps the stove or refrigerator, they’ll be delighted to know that they’ll get a new version of that same item under the provisions of their policy.

When it comes to something as valuable and important as their home or possessions, they’ll want to know exactly how much money they’ll receive if they experience a total loss. One thing you can suggest is that they have replacement value insurance on their home to help cover what it would cost to replace their home and possessions.

Also suggest that they make a copy of their policy (as well as any other valuable papers), and keep the copies in a safe location off site. That way, if they do have a total loss they’ll have all of their paperwork available. Also, a videotape or snapshots of all possessions, stored with the copy of the policy, will make their claims process easier. If you have any questions, contact someone at Aegis General Insurance Agency and we’ll do our best in helping you to help others.