insurance web design

4 Benefits of a CMS Website

Creating a website from scratch takes time and a certain level of technical expertise. Template websites can help you get a site up and going, but unless you understand how to make the right type of changes and add the forms and content that will benefit you, the site may just not be useful. Customizing a content management system that focuses on insurance web design can remove the hassle of creating everything yourself and focus on results.

Use a CMS to:

  • Add quote forms, certificate of insurance requests and online applications can be done quickly and reflect your specific needs.
  • Offer claims reporting for easy access by clients.
  • Provide a responsive format for accessibility via smartphone and tablet.
  • Attract more clients with its simplicity and scalability.

Content is King

When individuals search for insurance or insurance related topics, chances are they are looking for specific information. CMS websites make it easy to update content, keeping it fresh and current. This makes it attractive to the search engines, enabling your agency to be found as it moves up the rankings.

Experienced insurance web design professionals can help you develop the content and provide ease of use for clients that draw them in and encourage them to look around. Prominent calls to action and straightforward design can improve your web site’s performance and help your business grow.