3 Unique Coverages Required for Cemeteries

Maintaining cemeteries is more than just another day at the office. Offering families a place to grieve and remember is a great humanitarian service. However, these facilities also come with their own unique exposures that require specific insurance for cemeteries. Here are just three unique coverages cemeteries need.

Nonstandard Theft

Graverobbing is not common, but it isn’t uncommon either and therefore must be covered. Disinterring the dead can cause damage to the surrounding ground and headstones. Also, human remains pose a biohazard threat, and the cost to contain and clean up also needs to be factored into insurance coverage.

Liability for Improper Burial

Improper burial can happen when a corpse is not treated with care and becomes corrupt or is damaged or stolen while in the custody of a cemetery. Even though the person is deceased, the cemetery has an obligation to care for the body as it would any other precious cargo. Liability insurance can help the cemetery defend against claims and indemnify families.

Vandalism Coverage

While vandalism coverage is a necessity everywhere, the nature of cemetery business makes them particularly attractive to vandals. Also, it can be devastating for families to see their deceased loved ones’ headstones damaged or destroyed. Therefore, proper vandalism coverage is uniquely necessary for cemeteries.

Cemeteries need the proper insurance to not only make sure their financial health is in order, but also to maintain their professional reputations as well.