3 Insurance Policies Every Nursing Agency Needs

As with any staffing agency, comprehensive insurance policies are critical to ensuring the success of the agency, its employees, and its clients. Nursing agencies are no exception, and many require additional coverages to compensate for the increased risks that accompany the medical industry.

1. Liability Policies

General, medical, and professional liability coverages are among the most useful nursing agency insurance policies. General liabilities protect from standard accidents, such as slips or falls, but the life-or-death nature of the medical industry presents unique challenges. Professional liability can cover your agency if a client is sued for negligence or malpractice.

2. Employee Coverages

In addition to liability protections for employees, workers compensation helps ensure that the clients you hire do not in turn sue you if they incur any injuries or lawsuits while on the job. Instead, workers compensation reimburses the ensuing costs, leaving your companys reputation and financial status intact.

3. Cyber Protection

Due to the constant increase of technological advances, all businesses need cyber protection to prevent their systems from being hacked, their data from being stolen, and their security from being compromised. A cyber protection policy anticipates these problems and accounts for any ensuing ramifications.

Every nursing agency carries inherent risks, but insurance policies can minimize them and prevent them from depleting your agencys funds. Most policies are customizable, so agencies of all sizes and needs can find the coverages they need to get back to the business of saving lives.