Workers Compensation Insurance in Texas and Respiratory Issues

For many industries, one of the primary issues that workers in many jobs suffer from is a result of conditions leading to respiratory problems. Anyone working where the air is full of dust (sawdust, dirt particles) or toxic fumes emanating from products being used in production (paints, solvents, gasoline, among some common elements), face exposure, and this can result in their being at risk of developing problems with their breathing.

When the respiratory system isnt functioning properly symptoms may vary widely among those affected, from that of a mild cold to those who could wind up suffering severe pneumonia. This is case in point why owners should always carry workers compensation insurance in texas to aid workers who fall victim to these types of ailments and maladies.

Sensitivity levels vary from worker to worker

Some people are obviously more sensitive than others and therefore run a higher risk of becoming ill or incapacitated due to the exposures they face at work. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), its estimated that about 70% of occupational disease deaths occur from work-related respiratory diseases and cancers.

This is a rather high number and employers need to enact more safety procedures and gear to combat these high risks. Symptoms often include wheezing, asthma, or asthma-like reactions, allergies, and shortness of breath. Some workers may fall victim to respiratory infection, sore throat, coughing, and fever, nasal congestion, chest pain, bacterial infection, or even influenza.

Respiratory problems fall under a workers compensation category named occupational disease, and the work environment may often cause respiratory diseases. Workers in extreme conditions (coalminers, steelworkers, chemical plant workers) can be exposed to conditions that could result in even more serious injury, or in worst-case scenarios, death.

Employers need workers compensation insurance in texas to address many of these concerns, and should make coverage and the claims process available to employees that develop respiratory problems caused by continuous exposure to dangerous materials within their workplace. Any affected employee should file a workers comp claim the moment that he or she develops issues.

The downside for employers is that those individuals could end up missing work for weeks or longer depending on the severity of the respiratory problems and how it affects their ability to perform his or her work duties. Speak to an agent about any questions or concerns regarding workers comp coverage.


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