Workers Compensation Concerns and Southern Oak Insurance Brokers

The job of home healthcare workers is to aid in the rapid and smooth transition of patients from a hospital to the more familiar settings of home. They are employed to help offer their patients the unique opportunity to receive proper, quality medical care in the comfort of their own homes, as opposed to living in a healthcare or nursing facility.

Home healthcare workers often relish the position of providing to the well being of others, their contributions greatly appreciated by their employers and attendees, but they also face unique risks on the job in relation to their own personal safety and health. Southern Oak Insurance Brokers make it their aim to aid this industry by offering comprehensive workers compensation packages designed specifically for these outlets.

Home health care workers face the risk of injury almost daily

It’s certainly no secret that home healthcare providers have a high rate of injuries due to the strenuous nature of their work. They are frequently exposed to a variety of potentially serious or even life-threatening hazards. These dangers include:

  • Overexertion and stress
  • Unhygienic conditions
  • Illegal drugs
  • Blood borne pathogens
  • Needle sticks and Latex Sensitivity
  • Verbal abuse, and other forms of violence in the home or community

In addition, the work environment is generally not under the control of either the employer or the employee, and therefore the home healthcare worker may encounter many different unexpected and unpredictable hazards, such as temperature extremes, unclean or hostile animals (and animal waste), loaded firearms or other weapons, and violence in the home, apartment building, or neighborhood.

There is also the added danger of persons other than the patient who are residing or visiting in the home who may also be a risk to the worker. Having to endure long commutes from their worksite to their workplace may also expose them to transportation-related risks as well.

The rate of turnover is very high among healthcare workers, and attracting workers and retaining them is therefore a high priority for many home healthcare agencies, which means that providing a more healthful, less stressful work climate is an important part of any retention strategy.

Southern Oak insurance brokers has demonstrated their expertise in providing some of the best workers compensation packages on the market today. Speak to an agent about your current insurance needs.

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