Warehouse Insurance Covers Many Perils

As the owner of a warehouse, you’re responsible for the goods you store for your clients, as well as the safety of your staff and workforce. There are certain risks and concerns you must be aware of, and safeguard against. Heavy boxes stored high upon shelving could fall and seriously injure someone. A forklift worker could cause damage to goods, another person, even an automobile belonging to a vendor.

There are so many obvious perils, any of which could result in a lawsuit yielding an extremely high settlement figure. These same issues and concerns related to shipping and logistics require many different warehouse insurance policies. You need one policy for the cargo in your warehouse, and a different policy for shipments in transit. You’re going to need liability and workers comp also, and that’s just getting things started.

Local agencies can get you on the right track

There are agencies based here in Orlando that specialize in warehouse insurance programs for Orlando, and other Florida-based businesses. They can offer the right protection needed for warehouses and distribution centers, and this includes cold storage facilities. They are willing to take the time to assess your specific operational needs and can put together a plan designed to close any existing gaps in coverage and any other exposures you may face. They can also review with you any recommendations they make and show you how to improve your coverage, all while providing you with a competitive and comprehensive plan.

After all, you shouldn’t be dwelling on what type of insurance you need and how much; that’s the job of the agent responsible for ensuring you have the right coverage in place at all times. The warehouse industry is integral to the logistics and distribution chain, handling everything from arranging for goods to be transported from one point to another, storing goods, managing inventory and information, and even packaging products. Your primary job is to keep the merchandise moving. Leave the warehouse insurance concerns to the industry experts. You can also inquire about safety management services designed to help you avoid costly claims.