Useful Insurance Agency Marketing Ideas

Most agents have some pretty good ideas pertaining to what makes for a successful marketing campaign. Some of those methods may work well for others, but everyone needs to find the right types of insurance agency marketing ideas that will garner the best results for their agency. Perhaps there are some ideas discussed herein that will make your own campaign a successful one.

Compile a list of ideas and narrow it down to the ones you feel will best suit your needs and make your marketing plan work best for you. Whatever choices you make regarding insurance marketing realize that the more time and effort put into it the better your odds for expanding your current client base.

Press releases are a favorite tool among many agencies

Try to write about things going on with your agency presently, including new product rollouts, introducing a newly hired agent, the opening of a new location, or the fact that you’ve recently gotten appointed with a new carrier.

These are the types of things that you can share with your audience on your website or social media page that they may find useful when determining who to contact for information about the products and services being offered. You may also want to reach out to your local community paper or publish the information online and include a link back to your website.

Speak at a local college

Many future customers may be just graduating from college so holding a meeting with students to discuss the insurance services that you specialize in as this can be a great opportunity for you. Talk about the importance of insurance for families, businesses or for personal needs. Making this connection can help with some long term goals provided you have the connections necessary to arrange for you to be a guest speaker.

Consumer review website scan bolster your profile

Websites where visitors can write recommendations about your agency will allow those interested in insurance services to make a more informed decision about whom to call upon. The most important step for generating reviews is setting up a robust business profile online for your agency. When it comes to deciding upon which insurance agency marketing ideas to use, these are just three that could help your present campaign get a lift up.

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