Treating Your Truck to Quality Coverage

As a part of the transportation industry, you are the backbone of the American economy. As you haul and transport goods across state lines and around the country, are you prepared for the risks and loss you might experience during an accident or act of violence? Trucking liability insurance is a coverage policy that is designed to meet the needs of CDL drivers and their equipment.

Understand the Basics

While federal regulations have regulations concerning the type and amount of insurance coverage a driver or transport company must carry, there may be other areas of exposure that need to be addressed. Being under-insured is as bad as not being insured at all. A good trucking policy should include the following:

General Liability

Auto Liability

Physical Damage

Trailer Interchange

Depending on the cargo that you are carrying, some providers will have special policies for produce haulers, freight haulers and container haulers. Your trucking liability limits should be high enough to cover your operations, but that may not be enough to protect you from total loss. Many policies do not offer cargo coverage, and a separate policy would need to be taken out for special loads. These are written according to the type and weight of the cargo. Check with your insurance provider for a basic policy and the add-ons that are available to give your total coverage.