Top 3 Reasons You Need Insurance for Your Laundromat

Just because a coin-operated business is self-service does not mean it is maintenance-free. As the owner, you understand how much happens behind the scenes to keep the washers spinning. Looking for a good insurance policy might feel like another chore added to your to-do list, but it’s one you shouldn’t skip. Here are the top three reasons you should make it a priority.

  1. Customer Injury and Loss of Property

People from every walk of life use laundromats, and you never know when someone may slip on a wet floor and become seriously injured. Many people also are prone to leave valuable items unattended and might blame you for a lack of security.

  1. Equipment Damage

In a public laundromat, not everyone has respect for the machines and they can become damaged from misuse. Washers and dryers are not made to last forever, and eventually, all of them will stop working and need repairs.

  1. Downtime

    If your business suffers flooding or other damage, you can potentially lose customers during the time it takes to make repairs or replace equipment. As explained by Irving Weber Insurance, coverage specific to laundromats is essential to prepare for unique situations that can arise in this type of coin-operated business.