Three Ways Your Crew Can Be Safe

The construction industry has its fair share of work hazards, which is why on-the-job safety is an essential culture for fore(wo)men to teach to their teams. If you are the top dog at a construction firm, make safety your number one priority at the workplace.

Double-Check Scaffolding

According to, 65% of construction workers use scaffolding at their job at least once a year. With this statistic in mind, make sure that any and all construction scaffolding is constructed properly and is structurally sound. Train your worker’s proper use and procedures and what to do in case of an emergency.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Not only is PPE good common sense, but its also enforced by law in the United States. Remember the four types of protection that are required by OSHA:

Foot (work boots)
Hand (durable gloves)
Head (hard hat)
Hearing (protective ear covering)

Communicate at All Times

Having a headcount of all your crew, knowing where everyone will be and what tasks are going to be done every day is vital when you run a site. Provide walkie-talkies for everybody and ensure you are all on the same channel.
It’s not overly complicated to practice a culture of safety on your job site, but enforce these good habits anyway. Planning ahead is what can stop an accident from happening in its tracks.