Three Top Benefits of On Demand Staff

Often referred to as “mobile marketplaces,” on-demand staffing services allow business owners to hire temporary workers for the desired period, from a short-term stint to a single shift. In todays high-technology workplace, business owners like you are finding many advantages to hiring on-demand staff. Here are three top benefits.

  1. Efficiency

On-demand staffing services can make hiring managers jobs easier. This model of staffing pushes job alerts only to prescreened workers. Theres no scanning and weeding out of applications and resumes, which saves time and expedites the hiring process: a win-win for workers and employers.

  1. Automatic Tracking

While punch card timekeeping has largely disappeared from the workplace, timesheet reporting and management is still critical to businesses bottom lines. Todays technology platforms automatically take care of timesheet tracking. This feature is of incredible benefit to workers and employers alike, leaving them more time for their other work responsibilities.

  1. Cost Savings

On-demand staffing services do not include upfront fees. This is of huge benefit to employers, resulting in cost savings of up to 40% in comparison with traditional staffing models. These models can include upfront fees such as a retainer or a fixed percentage based on an employees salary.

As you can see, there are compelling reasons for employers and workers to support on-demand staffing. Its appeal of convenience and efficiency is undeniable. Source: