The Importance of Maintaining Laundromat Insurance

A major concern for owners of a laundromat is providing a safe and secure environment. This includes both employees and customers since, if hazards exist, these are the types of situations that can impact your bottom line. By securing your site and properly maintaining the store, you not only protect your profits, but you also keep your customers and employees happy, and that means that your store is operating at its fullest potential.

Dryer fires are among the concerns

Dryer fires constitute one of the most devastating, as well as costly, laundromat insurance claims for many self-service laundromats. As a result of dryer fires, many stores have been lost or seriously damaged. Keeping good maintenance habits, which includes lint control, is the best way to prevent this problem from occurring.

Develop a schedule and have employees work to keep lint screens clean, and prevent lint from accumulating inside the dryer cabinet. Also have them clean out dryer ducts on a regular basis. Dryer fires may also occur due to improper installation, and spontaneous combustion can be caused due to garments containing grease, cooking oil, and other flammable liquids and toxins.

Thieves often target coin changers

Many costly claims in laundromats often result from overnight break-ins, which may lead to the destruction of coin changers in order to steal the money contained within. This type of property damage adds up as damage may also be done to the building. Hiring overnight security guards may be one solution, or installing alarms and security cameras, with at least one camera stationed directly on the coin changer area.

Making safety a priority

When investing in a new store (or remodeling an existing location), keep safety in mind at all times. This includes decisions regarding flooring materials along with installing adequate lighting. Make sure to install a sprinkler system and add floor drains that are well placed. For customer convenience, consider what should be the proper aisle widths and install multiple exits, whenever possible, for safety in emergencies.

Hire and maintain properly trained attendants

The attendants are the best means of protecting the laundromat and its clients. The attendants should be well trained in order to prevent injuries to customers. They should also be trained to use fire extinguishers, shut off machines and utilities in an emergency, and contact emergency services when required. Business owners have a threshold of responsibility for the patrons who enter the laundry, and laundromat insurance coverage will aid them when things occasionally go wrong.

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