Steps to Take After a Dog Bite

Under certain circumstances, even responsible dog owners may witness their pet biting someone. Should it occur, there are several things people should do, such as look up Florida dog bite insurance, in order to take responsibility and prevent a future attack.


Remain Calm


The situation is not ideal, but it can quickly devolve if an owner becomes panicked. Instead, people who witness the dog bite should remain calm and confine the pet to another room or its crate.


Be Helpful


It is important to avoid placing the blame on anyone or to become overly defensive. There are some situations in which a lawsuit will stem from the attack, and owners’ words could be used against them in court.


Call Medical Professionals


Someone who has been bitten by a dog should seek the help of a medical professional. Even if the person knows the dog well, it is a good idea for a physician to look over the affected area to ensure that no infection is present.


Contact a Vet


In all likelihood, owners will need to obtain the dog’s medical records. Local authorities will often request it, or the information will be necessary should civil action be taken.


Get Protection


Most dog bites occur from first-time offenders, but it is important for an owner to have protection regardless of if the pet has bitten before or not. Florida dog bite insurance can offer financial protection from losing a substantial amount of money should someone file suit.


Taking the right measures following a dog bite can keep everyone safe and reduce the risk of another incident.


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