Severe Weather Conditions and CT Homeowners Insurance

Every year, thousands of homeowners face potential damage to their property from fierce storms. In the aftermath, they must file insurance claims due to the devastation that often occurs all across the U.S. Unfortunately, some local citizens don’t carry sufficient CT homeowners insurance, nor do they have a home inventory of their possessions, and this is a serious problem. The result can put them at risk due to inadequate home insurance coverage anytime we have a severe weather strike.


While it may be hard to believe, an estimated 50 percent or more of consumers have not made a list or inventory of their possessions. Of those individuals with a home inventory, many do not have receipts, some do not have photos of their property, nor do they have a backup copy of the inventory outside the home. Additionally, many people with inventories have not updated their inventories in over a year, meaning any new purchases and gifts may not be covered by their policy.


Violent weather events affect a large portion of the nation’s population


When these storms occur they tend to leave widespread destruction in their wake. Last year alone, severe weather disasters across the country inflicted several billion dollars in damages. Before severe weather strikes, do an early inspection to determine any weak points in your home. This way, any serious damage may be avoided.


Make a checklist of anything that can be easily repaired and make sure to make repairs before bad weather strikes. If you haven’t already done so, do an inventory of your belongings as you can use your inventory to evaluate your coverage and determine if you need to update your policy.


It might be wise to have a professional check out any concerns or issues you may have with roofing, windows, or siding issues. While you’re at it, have them check out the exterior of the house for any structural problems that may have resulted from storms last winter. Call a technician to check out your heating system and ventilators as well.


Your home has a lot of value and having CT homeowners insurance, especially during the harshest months of the year, can help you protect that.

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