Securing Coverage Through Workers Compensation Brokers

While safety is always a priority in nursing home, both to protect the patients and the staff, accidents and injuries are nearly impossible to avoid. This is certainly a concern in most nursing homes where residents are often frail and living in poor health. Your clients understand these risks and exposures all too well, and the fact that their staff, particularly those assigned to the arduous task of lifting and moving patients, are prone to, at some point, suffer a serious injury.

The biggest concerns are injuries to necks and backs. Many injuries are often the result of fatigue or exhaustion, as many of these workers may be required to work long hours. As a broker you have the ability to discuss current needs with your clients and help secure coverage through workers compensation brokers.

A list of recurring injuries to nursing home staff

Physical hazards and other causes of most of the injuries to nursing home employees include lifting of patients (which is by far the most common cause of work-related injuries), moving patients in and out of beds, and musculoskeletal injuries. Thankfully medical care for workers compensation-related injuries is readily available. Many states require a nurse to be on duty around the clock. In the event that a worker experiences a severe injury, they can quickly be admitted to a nearby medical facility.

Return-to-work programs offer less strenuous duties for recovering workers

While many of the jobs in the nursing home industry require the ability to lift patients, there is a list of other positions that workers, especially those returning after an injury and unable to lift patients, can be enlisted to perform, such as handling files, telephones and paperwork, or assisting other employees assigned the more strenuous tasks.

They could also be put in charge of operating equipment designed to make patient transport less strenuous, allowing other employees to do any heavy lifting of patients or equipment that is required. Other jobs assignments can include cafeteria or snack bar positions, which don’t require any major lifting or carrying abilities, for example, working the cash register.

Workers compensation brokers can offer programs specifically designed for workers in the event that they are injured on the job. After all, this is a requirement, and workers comp insurance should never be allowed to lapse, as a violation can result in severe fines.