Protecting Your Assets by the Water

Owning a marina provides those who love the ocean a lifestyle that is unique. The live on the water and work with vessels of all types and sizes. However, it is an occupation that comes with a number of concerns as well as increased liability and exposure to risk.


Marina owners and boat harbor operators have a great responsibility in running this these types of operations. They require marine insurance coverage for the many individual watercrafts nested on their property as well as coverage for the full protection of the properties they own and operate. The level of exposure that marinas and boat harbors face is quite high due to the fact that they handle a number of boats at once meaning problems may crop up from several different sources.


Getting the right coverage for your needs


Some of your main concerns in running this type of business are having protection in place for the storage of boats, the possibility of fire, which could destroy both crafts and your docks and offices and premises liability in the case of injuries or other types of property damage. This means that you must make sure that your marina or harbor insurance policy includes the right coverage for your needs.


Protection of your property and your business is paramount in operating an efficient business. Purchasing the right kinds of insurance, and in sufficient amounts, is the only way to fully protect your livelihood. Its easy to understand that no two businesses are alike, even within the same industry, so your choice for insurance coverage shouldnt be either.


Marina Insurers dont offer cookie cutter coverage packages. They have underwriters willing to take the time to speak with you directly in order to better understand your marina, your needs, and your business as a whole. This individualized approach will help you to better protect your property and your clients by catering to your specific needs for the optimal combination of marine insurance coverage types.