The Passion Behind the Owners of Classic Cars

Classic car owners are car enthusiasts, cherish these vehicles, and understand the importance of classic car insurance in NJ to keep their passion alive and protected. There are several reputable agents, well versed in antique car coverage, that represent several companies that specialize in insuring these vehicles. This is helpful information because a collectible car owner not insured with one of these specialty companies is likely paying too much for coverage and not getting the specialized coverage they need.


A classic car insurance agent is someone who really understands the needs of classic car owners. Traditional car insurance coverage is based on depreciating value. Two ways to differentiate between a collectible car and one that is merely an older model car are the amount invested in the vehicle and the rarity of the car. First you need to verify that the car is, in fact, a vintage model.


Its important to determine whether or not the car qualifies as a collectible because how much is paid for a policy may depend on several factors. By following the suggestions below owners may greatly reduce the cost of their classic car or collector vehicle coverage in New Jersey.


Things to consider before purchasing a policy


There are a few factors to consider when inquiring about the available coverages for antique/classic vehicles. Usually expensive vehicles cost more to repair, maintain and insure, and every owner uses their vehicle in their own unique way. Some may drive once a week, while others only once a month.


Some use their vehicles only for car shows or special events, while others may rent theirs out for television and film productions. When speaking to an agent make a checklist of some important considerations:

  • Insure with one company because the more policies a person has with one insurance company, the more substantial savings they may receive
  • Increase the deductible since raising the amount being paid out-of-pocket for losses can help save more on the policy
  • A safe, clean driving record, meaning no accidents or violations, can potentially lower insurance rates
  • Managing the account online saves time and hassle, so consider having the monthly premium deducted from your checking account


All valued investments need to be protected. Insurance is a true safeguard for collector cars. Owners of these vehicles need classic car insurance in NJ for their precious automobiles.


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