New Bar Owner Checklist: Food, Drink, and Protection (the Insurance Kind)

The successful bar opening may involve a long to-do list, including buying drinks, hiring bartenders, and ordering good food. Before these things are done, however, the bar owner is well-advised to investigate liquor liability insurance for bars.

Why is liquor liability coverage important? Each year drunk driving results in thousands of deaths. Some accidents are caused by drivers who visit bars before heading out on the highway. Bar owners can be held liable for traffic deaths caused by their patrons. While this prospect is not pleasant to ponder, the reality is that bar owners may need to protect themselves. Legal action taken against a bar and its owner can take many months to resolve and many dollars to litigate.

In looking for liquor liability insurance for bars, owners may want to first seek a reputable firm with many years of experience. Start with firms that specialize in the hospitality industry. Plan to spend time with the companys representative learning the different coverage options available. For whichever plan you select, be sure to understand fully what is covered, how to file claims, and what to expect during the litigation process. Hearing firsthand what is involved once a suit is filed can show the wisdom of placing liquor liability coverage first on the new bar owner checklist.

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