New Additions for Your Library’s After School Programs

Chances are that your library already has some after school programs such as book clubs or storytime. However, here are a few more after school library program ideas you can implement that help to cultivate young minds, encourage reading and provide a fun environment for kids to be in after school.

3 Fun and Creative Programs

Libraries need to keep things interesting to engage readers of all ages. Some programs are easier to integrate than others, but here are some new ideas to help you refresh your list of after school programs:

1. Kids Choice Awards:

Your librarians can suggest some books and have children read them. Then, at the end of the program, the library can hold an event where the children can vote on their favorite book.

2. Mystery Parties:

You can hold different mystery events for different age groups, such as a scavenger hunt for younger children and a murder mystery for high school students.

3. Book Builder Workshop:

The library can host an event for children who want to create their own books. Maybe they have a story idea or the library can provide children with ideas to help them begin.

Which Program Will You Add?

If your library wants to kick things up a notch and incorporate some new after school library program ideas to the roster, the ones listed above may be viable options. You can also implement options are listed at for a more comprehensive program.