NetSTAT Streamlines Communication

Insurance professionals such as carriers, MGAs and program administrators handle an enormous amount of complex data all day long. Reporting agencies regularly require statistical information on policies sold. The delivery format known as International Standard ISO is standard notation used to eliminate confusion in international communication and increase the portability of computer user interfaces. The labor intensive part for insurance professionals has been to convert statistical data into ISO formatting. NetSTAT is a tool that simplifies data delivery by automatically generating the ISO statistical lodes for every transaction, eliminating the need to convert.

Customize Reports

NetSTAT offers tremendous flexibility to custom design reports to mesh with your current statistical reporting format. Data may be transferred for use to a standard spreadsheet, a text document, or configured to make a table. It is a tool that allows insurance professionals to organize, display and analyze information more easily and efficiently. A statistical code generator pulls together statistical codes from each policy transaction over a specified time interval on demand.

A Tool to Improve Business

NetSTAT is a tool in the most basic sense of the word. It is used to make one aspect of a job easier, while freeing up time and energy for other things. By avoiding the conversion process, carriers and administrators are free to direct their attention on other elements of policy creation and implementation.


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