Medical Marijuana Can Make For Hazy Drug Testing Practices

Employment firms make their money by meeting the personnel needs of various industries with a steady stream of qualified employees. This practice comes with a good amount of professional liability risk, though–companies and the employees they place can be sued if their actions are found to be wrongful, or they make errors or omissions. Temporary staffing insurance can help mitigate these risks, because they will provide protection up to the limits on the policy in the event of a lawsuit alleging professional mistakes.

One thing companies want to make sure they get right is the practice of drug testing. With the proliferation of medical marijuana prescriptions being dispensed to individuals who then may feel they are perfectly ready to go off to work, and the legalization of marijuana in certain states, the concept of a “clean” test is more complicated; the effects of smoking marijuana can remain in the blood for approximately 30 days, and thus can be detected in a test for a fairly long period of time.

Pure and simple, many client companies want tests

A staffing industry company surveyed respondents and discovered that an increasing number of clients are requiring drug tests as contingent for temporary employment contract hires, believing that the growing legalization of marijuana makes it even more important to drug test than before. These companies are concerned that workers may be under the influence when they come on site to work–whether the drug is prescribed or not–and would thus be impaired and present a safety risk. Indeed, the survey found that ironically, companies in states that have legalized marijuana tend to be requiring more drug testing, not less–if not across the board, to at least the majority of their candidates for employment.

Laws will no doubt continue to change over the next several years, and what may be illegal now may be legal in the near future, at least in some states. Talk to a professional insurance agent to find out more about the importance of temporary staffing insurance and the protection it affords your company, as well as the latest guidance on drug testing for potential employees. And take care to update the firm’s policy on drug testing and administer it fairly, consistently and correctly for all potential employees.

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