Manchester Specialty: Coverage To Consider for the Home Health Industry

Every business needs a solid insurance package, but different industries have specific coverage needs.

Here are some of the policies your home health care insurance package may need to include:

  • 1. General Liability Any time you provide a service, there is the chance something could go wrong. Liability coverage pays for client injuries or service mishaps if you are sued.
  • 2. Property Insurance If your equipment breaks down, you need to have coverage to replace it. If one of your employees causes damage to someone else’s property while on the job, your policy may cover the cost of those repairs, too.
  • 3. Commercial Auto Your health aides will probably spend a lot of time driving to and from care appointments. Your insurance agent can suggest the proper auto coverage for any accidents that may occur.
  • 4. Professional Liability When you are caring for people’s health, it doesn’t hurt to have extra coverage just in case you have legal issues. Malpractice insurance or some type of professional liability coverage may be necessary.
  • 5. Workers Compensation Home health aides tend to be hands-on care providers, and that can lead to accidents on the job. A workers compensation policy pays for medical expenses and lost wages in such an event.

If you run any kind of medical practice, you need good insurance. A great home health care insurance protects your facility, your workers and your clients.