Maintaining Your House and Ct Homeowners Insurance

Once you have purchased a home you need to start planning how you will not only take care of your valuable property but also what steps you’ll take to improve it as it ages. Part of this process involves purchasing ct homeowners insurance.Take the necessary time to shop for the right policy for you, and choose a comfortable deductible level, which is helpful when it comes time to pay out of pocket expenses when you have a claim.

Remember, the higher the deductible amount, the lower your monthly premiums will be. By paying a higher premium each month you’ll pay less when it comes time to make some of those costly repairs.

Security measures can increase savings

The safer that you make your home, the less you’ll worry and the less you’ll end up paying for insurance. Most agencies provide discounts for added security measures and crime prevention features, for example, monitored security alarms, installing deadbolts on doors and window locks, all of which make your home less accessible to criminals. Having fire extinguishers in kitchens, garages and near bedrooms is another good way to protect your home and loved ones, since it reduces the risk of a major fire or possible smoke damage.

Doing annual maintenance keeps your home in top condition and reduces the need to file claims for minor problems many homeowners face. Conducting preventive maintenance on your home is smarter than relying on your insurance coverage, which can also result in paying higher premiums.

Many providers offer warranty coverages for maintenance needs involving appliances and plumbing since they can be expensive and tend to need repair or replacement over time. It helps to keep current records on purchases so that if you end up having to file a major claim having records of your home’s contents can be invaluable once the claims process begins.

Always inform your insurance company whenever you make any significant renovations to your home and take inventory of your possessions, including the amount you paid for each individual item and its current value. Taking pictures, or a video recording of your possessions is of the utmost importance, and store those records outside of your home where they’ll remain safe in the event of a disaster. When your worst nightmare comes true its always good to know your ct homeowners insurance agent will quickly come to your aid.

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