Liquor Liability and Alameda Business Insurance

Restaurants, bars and nightclubs are among many establishments that generally serve alcohol to their patrons. While the consumption of alcohol is legal, the fallout from activities, including fights, traffic accidents, or incidents where alcohol could be construed as the “cause” of the incident can be a great concern for you as the proprietor of one of these businesses.


If your business sells, serves, manufactures or provides alcohol to patrons or guests under a state license, everything you have worked so hard for could be lost without carrying a liquor liability policy. This should perhaps top your list of Alameda business insurance purchases and this type of liability insurance can be offered as an addition, or endorsement, to a commercial liability insurance policy or acquired as a separate, stand-alone policy.


It can cover various risks and costs associated with inebriated patrons, depending on the type of coverage you choose, including:


  • Assault and battery liability


  • Bodily injury


  • Employee use liability


  • Legal defense costs


  • Mental, emotional, or psychological damages, and


  • Property damage


Whether an incident occurs on your property or not, if the plaintiff or defendant involved in a lawsuit can determine that the action was the result of alcohol that was served by your establishment and was directly responsible for any injuries or damage sustained, you can be held liable in a court of law. It is important to monitor the selling of alcoholic beverages, ensuring that the person being served is a) not drinking so excessively that they can become a danger to others or to themselves, and b) is of legal drinking age.


Alcohol can liven up any social event when those participating do not abuse it. Unfortunately it only takes one person left unchecked to turn a joyous occasion into a ruckus, and could ultimately end up in litigation. Business Insurance for Alameda bars, nightclubs and restaurants, and particularly liquor liability coverage is your best bet.


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