Liabilities, Concerns and Yacht Builders Programs

Owners and operators of recreational marine businesses have a lot of risks that have nothing to do with being on the high seas. Like most companies in any line of business, they have to protect their property, as well as the property of others in their possession.

There are yacht builders programs tailored for your clients in the marine industry that provides assistance for issues similar to those experienced by other industries but specifically designed for the risks and exposures associated with the boating industry.

In addition to property insurance marine specialists have concerns pertaining to crime, loss of business income, wind and other storm related issues, damage to, or caused by, docks and piers, and many other necessary coverages regarding the safety of the building and its contents.

Several liability coverages to consider

There are liability issues for wholesalers when it comes to repairing customers’ yachts should they become stolen or damaged while in their care. There is additional marine operators concerns, commercial auto coverage where applicable, and even officers and directors coverage for those who work on a board of directors.

Add to this, general liability, indemnity and hull coverage, umbrella and bumbershoot, and even pollution liability, and you can see that your clients have several areas of vulnerability that require the proper insurance solutions to help ease their worries over whether or not they have the right policies in place and adequate amounts of coverage to deal with every possible scenario.

Your clients that are yacht builders face increasingly complex risks on a daily basis that require your experience and expertise in order to protect their investment, along with their equipment and boat yards in the event of an accident, disaster or litigation occurrence.

Whether they build boats for customers seeking luxury or leisure, or strictly for industrial purposes, and whether for private or commercial clients, they need insurance solutions that address their unique exposures. Provide them with products and services through a comprehensive yacht builders program, one that includes insurance products, risk management and risk assessment, and build relationships that could last a lifetime.

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