Increased Use of Temp Staff Employees and Staff Insurance

As the demand for temp workers continues to grow, temporary employees are playing an important role in many companies. Currently temp workers possess a myriad of job skills including those with the skill sets of accountants, financial officers, assembly-line workers, nurses, doctors, scientists, lawyers and information technology (IT) professionals, to name a few.

Staffing agencies can quickly provide many different businesses with qualified staff, but require staff insurance to deal with a slew of business and employee-related issues and concerns. The upside to temp staff workers is that they enable those companies to quickly hire individuals that can adjust more easily and quickly to workload fluctuations.

Some common reasons companies hire temps are because of employee absences due to illness, vacation, maternity or disability leave, as well as sudden departure, or unexpected or temporary demands (special projects, seasonal or peak periods, employee shortages, etc.).

Maintaining flexibility through the hiring of temp workers

Employers need to stay current with the needs of today’s work force and are able to accomplish this with flexible work arrangements. Temporary work is just one way that businesses can offer flexibility while at the same time putting themselves in a position to better meet their own needs.

Nowadays in many businesses the employment pool includes a mix of temporary and full-time employees. The result can be a more efficient workplace and a more flexible job market, offering greater opportunities for both employers and employees. Additionally, improving productivity enhances a company’s bottom line and employee job security.

Staffing companies understand their role: they allow a business to employ a temp for a designated short term or, if desired, eventually offering the worker a full-time position when it suits their business needs. Some businesses employ temporary workers as an excellent and cost-efficient way to recruit and test the abilities of new workers before signing them on full-time.

Other companies will repeatedly use the services of a temp worker who has proven to be a company asset. Hiring a temp can also be a good way to continue getting work done while they search for the perfect candidate for a particular job position.

Temp employees are now employed in virtually every industry. Today, temporary workers increasingly include highly skilled individuals equipped with a wide range of educational backgrounds and work experience. With this expansion came added risks and exposures that have ultimately affected the staffing agency, hence their need to have adequate staff insurance for their own concerns.

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