Giving You People-Focused Care Since 1960

When it comes to acquiring insurance, your customer service experience matters. That is because an agent’s bad service can spell disaster for your wallet and your assets. Thankfully, a Rooney agent has what it takes to get you the best coverage and rates. With five decades of insurance experience, Rooney Insurance has crafted together an amazing team of experts that have your finances and assets at the forefront of their priorities.

Excellent Qualifications

Rooney’s team is comprised of highly-qualified agents with the educational and professional background your insurance package needs. Many agents hold advanced degrees and certifications that demonstrate their knowledge of business and insurance. When working with a Rooney agent, clients know they have an expert that can get the job done.

Caring for Any Need

Rooney Insurance has dedicated teams to each kind of insurance sector including personal, business and employee benefits. Agents within these departments are more than ready to build packages with the types of lines a client needs such as general and professional liability, auto coverage, worker’s compensation, marine, aviation, home and auto.

Placing People First

An insurance agency is nothing without its outstanding clients. That is why every Rooney agent caters to the needs of each and every client to the best of their ability. If you want to experience excellent customer care, reach out to a team member and learn how you too can get powerful coverage.