Effective Insurance Telemarketing Strategies

Insurance telemarketing strategies can be very complex as there are many areas that one can cover. It’s quite easy to generate a whole list of sub-topics that could be up for discussion:

In truth, the list goes on and on, but when you consider the techniques and technologies available to fulfill telemarketing strategies for the insurance industry you only need to focus on a few issues in order to garner the desired results. So, for example, how do you handle the sales call? Speaking in general terms, we can illustrate using three very different sales techniques:

  1. Straight selling-The agent is very upfront and explains that he or she is calling to sell a product to those who need it. Because there is no attempt at manipulation, hopefully trust is established. It’s quite possible that some prospects, many of who could benefit, may withdraw early from the call, and so try to lure them in by asking some qualifying questions right off the bat. For example, if you’re selling auto insurance:
    • Do you own a car?
    • Are you happy with your current car insurance premium?
    • Would you like me to run a quote?
  2. Objection selling-This technique is based on dealing positively with objections the potential customer might raise. Use each objection as an opportunity to highlight the merits of your offering, and illustrate clearly how relevant your services are to your client’s needs. By listening carefully to each objection, and then answering it in full, the agent moves closer towards the sale. It helps greatly if the agent is thoroughly familiar with the product offering in order to do this successfully.
  3. Spin Selling-In this technique the agent:
    1. Asks questions that identifies and/or highlights a problem
    2. Discuss with the client the negative consequences if the problem is not properly dealt with
    3. Agent then offers a solution to the problem

Try using a mix of these techniques when developing the sales call aspect of your insurance telemarketing strategies and you may find that you’ll be able to close more deals effectively over time.


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