Don’t Inflate Your Homeowner’s Losses

You may not be required to have CT homeowners insurance, unlike auto or health insurance, but it makes sense to protect your largest investment. There are many misconceptions about homeowners insurance. Lets take a look at one of myths about making claims to understand why you should not do it.

Myth: The insurance company is going to lowball you anyways, so exaggerate the claim to make sure your losses are covered.

Truth: This is a bad idea. You may think that the adjuster wont notice a padded claim. As soon as the story doesnt add up, your insurer may treat your entire claim with suspicion. It may be investigated even deeper to make sure that you were not responsible for the damages. Insurance investigators know all the tricks homeowners use to get more money. In the end, exaggerating a claim could come back to hurt you. The insurance company may deny your entire claim, simply because you lied about one thing. You dont want that to happen.

Be honest with your insurance company. Keep good records about your assets to demonstrate a loss in case the worst happens. Know what your CT homeowners insurance covers to make sure you have replacement value in a disaster. You will feel better when you make truthful claims to the company.

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