Dog Owners Tips For Preventing Pets from Biting

Dog owners bear the responsibility for ensuring their dogs are trained not to cause harm to others. Unfortunately, people often become victims of dogs, even normally behaved ones, for any number of reasons. The animal, perhaps not feeling well, may have an unexpected reaction triggered even by someone they know well. Insurance for dog bites is coverage specifically designed for dog owners who face major expenses, or even a lawsuit due to their pet causing physical harm to others.


Preventing dog bites should be a priority


Dog owners simply must take every precaution to ensure that their animal stays calm and non-threatening around people and other animals. Getting the dog familiar with being in social settings can certainly aid this cause. It may even be the most important thing a pet owner can do. Its best to start the process early, perhaps introducing a new puppy to other dogs at the outset. This will help to teach him or her important behavioral skills.


Signs that a dog may strike


Any time a dog growls its usually signaling that it doesnt feel comfortable. Instruct others not to approach your dog if he or she is displaying feelings of agitation or annoyance. Dogs tend to read a persons body language and facial expressions. When you have visitors, they should be reminded not to bother your dog when eating, sleeping or caring for puppies. They can be protective of little ones and may strike without provocation.


Check for signs and warning signals that your dog may be about to pounce on an unsuspecting victim. If their tail becomes stiff, the hair on their back begins to rise, their ears move backward or forward, or they growl or reveal their teeth they are likely to be in attack mode. Dogs that make direct, intense eye contact are usually doing so as an act of aggression.


When noticing any of these warning signs, the best course of action is to command the dog to sit or kneel. Tell others that are present to refrain from making noise or eye contact with the dog. The animal should be scolded and removed from the situation, perhaps to another room or placed outside until it becomes passive again.


Its true that even the most docile dogs can suddenly become dangerous, so taking a few precautions will often do the trick. It pays to have insurance for dog bites to compensate any unfortunate victims when a problem arises.

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