Customize Your Insurance Rating System to Suit Your Needs

As an Insurance Carrier, Program Administrator, or Managing General Agent, you have the unique expertise to see the big picture of your particular niche market and to determine where your needs lie. If you’re considering an automated rating system, it’s important that you have the opportunity to look at factors such as economic climate, company structure, and even regional or demographic characteristics of your client base. This will allow you to customize your product development, including:


1. Design and User Interface


When your rating system is backed by a powerful engine, you get to pick and choose what your customers see and how they will navigate your site. You can plan your brand placement, fashion your layout, and organize your content to best reflect the character of your company. You can also have confidence that your clients are seeing what you want them to see, while all the “behind the scenes” information you need is being processed accurately.


2. Data Integration and Report Generation


Take control over how your information is captured and shared. Every transaction that occurs on your site will generate instant, accurate data that can be imported or exported to the appropriate
destination. You can even choose your own preferred format of reporting output, such as:


  • PDFs
  • XML
  • “String” data
  • MS Word and Excel
  • Put Your Rating System to Work


Your automated rating system will help to ensure that you’re getting the efficiency, flexibility, and customization you need to benefit your business and the people you serve.


photo credit: JD Hancock cc

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