Computer System Installation Insurance

Today many laundromats still rely heavily on manual labor. The workers must handle the tasks of opening the laundromat and keeping the area safe and clean, while hundreds of customers enter the premises to wash clothing and other items daily. Every step of this process is necessary in order to avoid injuries, including slipping on wet floors. Children must also be discouraged from acts of horseplay and running around which could lead to accidents as well.

Computers have been introduced to the coin-operated laundromat business to operate machines in the hopes of reducing breakdowns and errors, but this introduces new concerns for the industry. Now there is the added concern that the computer system may malfunction or the system could go offline for hours or even longer. This is what is known as business interruption and it can create problems for any business owner. Computer system installation insurance can help address these types of exposures.

Dry cleaners face similar issues

Today’s mom and pop dry cleaning businesses rely heavily on manual labor, especially the tagging, cataloging and searching through electronic racks housing hundreds of customers’ clothing on a daily basis. Every step of the process has worked well for some time, but is still prone to errors and can be taxing to the dry cleaning staff. Computers have been introduced to the dry cleaning business to reduce errors, but there still exists the possibility of human errors in the process even with the use of computers.

An overview of the Automated Laundry Processing System (ALPS) consists of the same process of picking up, dropping off and cleaning clothes without the use of paper receipts. The normal process of picking up and dropping off clothes remains the same but once the customer leaves the premises ALPS takes over to automate the logging process. As the customer drops off his or her clothes, instead of a paper ticket given out, the clothes are scanned and input into the system matching the customers personal information.

Again, this is technology at work, but if there is a situation where the system cannot do the job due to a malfunction of some sort, this can lead to loss revenues and reputational damage. Computer system installation insurance is designed to handle issues arising from these exposures.

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