Why All Companies Should Consider Commercial Auto Insurance

When most people think of commercial auto insurance in Martinsville, they think of rental car companies, fleet management organizations or the trucking industry. It may seem like common sense to assume that businesses that dont have a vehicle fleet dont need auto insurance, but more companies need it than you might think.

Who Needs It?

The first thing to determine is whether your business needs auto insurance. To decide, ask yourself this question: do any employees, in the course of their job duties, operate a personal or company-owned vehicle? If the answer is yes, your business is exposed to auto liability risk and should consider getting an insurance policy. Job duties include any time an employee operates a vehicle while doing anything related to work. This could range from making a coffee run to delivering materials to another office.

How Commercial Auto Insurance Protects You

If an employee performing job duties gets in a car accident, your business could face serious consequences if its not insured. If the employees auto insurance policy doesnt cover all the damages, your company could face huge legal expenses and damages payouts if its uninsured. Commercial auto insurance protects you from this type of fallout.

Protect Your Business

Hopefully auto accidents at your company are few and far between. If misfortune does strike, you dont want to have legal trouble to deal with on top of the accident itself. Talk to a qualified insurance professional about your options for commercial auto insurance in Martinsville.

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