Community Involvement and Marketing for Insurance Agents

You’ve been in the insurance game for several years and you’ve noticed that lately you don’t generate leads like you used to. Part of the problem is that there is such fierce competition in this industry nowadays. When you’re not the only game in town then you need to elevate your game.

When it comes to marketing ideas, the Internet provides its fair share. Most of these come from agents that have used, and been successful with, a lot of the ideas that you may come across. A lot of it has to do with advertising, using everything from key chains to calendars, and these can definitely be useful tools of the trade. But you, your face and your personality are what will often separate you from the crowd.

It’s all about community involvement

Practically every city and small town has a local hangout. For those early risers that have to be at work in the morning it could be the local coffee shop. Consider the fact that, by placing yourself in this location on a regular basis, you could become something of a local celebrity just by being seen hanging out at this high-traffic coffee shop at the same times on a weekly basis.

Some insurance agents may not be comfortable with this approach. Being shy is not a good trait for a salesman, but unfortunately it is a common human trait. But if you are friendly and outgoing, you’ll probably find it’s quite easy to talk to people and get to know them over time. Then, when you feel the time is right, give them your business card when they’re getting ready to leave and ask them to contact you if you can be of help to them in any way. Plenty of agents have been very successful using this practice.

Seminars are a great way to reach a targeted group

Holding free seminars can be a great method of marketing for insurance agents, effectively gathering a small group together and offering free insurance information. Most hotels offer small meeting rooms that can easily accommodate 25 to 50 people comfortably. Advertise your event in the local community newspaper, and distribute flyers at nearby stores and restaurants. Make sure to provide free coffee and snacks, and at the end of the seminar distribute comment cards on which attendees can provide their names and phone numbers if they wish to further discuss financial security planning.

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