The Benefits of Using a CT HR Consulting Firm

One of the most important aspects of a company’s human resource (HR) department is hiring an outside source to implement HR consulting in CT, especially performance management. No risk management solution is complete without evaluating HR issues and exposures and implementing programs to help ensure a company’s growth.

Communication is both key and vital

Employees want and deserve to know how their employers feel they are performing. Without proper feedback, employees cannot be expected to know how well they’re doing or if their behavior is considered “acceptable”. It is important for HR to examine reports from managers that may expose areas where certain employees need improvement.

Handling evaluations and raises separately

Depending on the organization’s compensation strategy, tying the two together can be a de-motivator for employees. For example, certain employees may be performing at a superior level, but raises are not currently available due to poor company financials. If employees’ associate raises with performance, the lack of a raise may make them feel they aren’t performing as well as they were led to believe.

Documentation is essential

This is true for both positive and negative reviews. Most reviews are given on an annual basis, but without proper documentation it won’t be possible for supervisors to remember six months down the road what occurred, whether favorable or negative. Having a good tracking system, and being able to reference files, ensures a more accurate review is given. This is especially true when involving cases of justifying a termination.

A good performance management program includes goals for employees to work toward each year. At review time, it’s important to discuss whether or not certain individuals have reached their goals, as well as what may have helped, what got in their way, and what goals they want to accomplish in the coming year.

Start any review in a positive light and don’t just tell the person what a horrible job they’ve been doing. When the time comes to discuss any negatives, provide suggestions on how they can improve, and then end with another positive comment. This is the basis and the basic strategy for having a sound CT HR consulting program.


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