Avoiding Claims of Dentists Med Mal

There are many cases where an oral health care provider has come under fire with regards to his or her negligent activities, resulting in injury to a patient. After all, dentists are not immune to being hit with malpractice suits. Basically, dentists med mal lawsuits are fairly common, often instigated by a patient when circumstances exist in which the patient feels their injury or extreme discomfort could have been avoided or prevented by the dentist performing the work or surgery in question.

No dentist wants to have their capability called into question, nor do they desire to have any issues or problems with their patients and the work that they do, but unfortunately this is part and parcel with the type of services they perform, which is why they must be extremely careful and meticulous when it comes to performing their practice. In spite of this fact, mistakes and accidents have, and will, continue to occur.

Avoiding malpractice suits

A malpractice suit can be avoided when there is trust between the patient and their oral health care provider. In cases where the patient is a minor, there should always be a clear understanding between the parents (or the guardian) and the dental professional.

Only through clear and open lines of communication can the dentist hope to prevent any issues from occurring. The dentist should be clear when discussing the scope of work being performed, and point out any potential risks that could happen during any corrections or treatments.

By outlining the risks and going over possible scenarios, the patient (or guardian) is then made aware of what the dentist may be inclined to do in case of an incident or an emergency. It is important that the patient be able to trust in the dental practitioner and understand all actions being taken.

Any risks should be discussed openly, since coercion on the part of the professional can be viewed as manipulation. There should always be a degree of compassion for the patient on the part of the oral health care provider, as this is one way to gain trust and form a bond of sorts. Being a professional and caring dentist can go a long way in preventing dentists med mal claims.

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