Avoid Dental Lawsuits with these Simple Practices

For dentists that own their own practice, and those who work for large offices, most are no stranger to the many dental lawsuits that go around these days. When a patient feels they have received poor treatment or were a victim of dental malpractice, large legal settlements can cost dental professionals large sums of money, and sometimes, their practice. By employing these simple practices and arming yourself with good dentist professional liability insurance, you can protect the future of your career, your practice, and your patients.


Keep Accurate and Consistent Dental Records for Each Procedure


From routine cleanings to more serious dental procedures, having your staff keep careful and consistent dental records can be essential to protecting yourself and your practice. Should a patient wrongfully accuse you or your employees of dental malpractice, a clear and detailed record may be a great defense in your behalf.


Treat all Patients with Respect


While some of your dental patients may be more difficult to be around than others, treating each patient with a friendly and engaging chair-side manner may do more than you know to protect your dental career. In general, patients who feel they received friendly and concerned care from their dentist and hygienists will feel less inclined to file claims against your office unless real concerns arise.


As you couple these simple practices with a good dentist professional liability insurance policy, you can better protect your dental practices from the increasingly common dental lawsuit.


photo credit: Theen … cc