Why Electronic Threats Are a Liability to Consultants

In this day and age, everything seems to be carried out over the internet. It doesn’t matter if you are working on a desktop at home, your laptop on a business trip, or your cell phone as you move from place to place; you are constantly sending out information that is potentially accessible by other people. As such, even consultants should consider adding electronic theft coverage to their consultants professional liability policy.


A High-Tech Threat


Even though a lot of people do not like to think about it, there are people out there that live to hack into other people’s accounts and steal information. They may or may not do this with ill intent. However, when you are dealing with sensitive and personal information regarding your clients, having that information stolen can be devastating. When you are in possession of other people’s information, you need to take measures to protect that information as much as possible.


Protect Your Business and Your Clients


Even when you take such measures, electronic theft can still occur. Instead of facing the costs of a potential of a lawsuit from your clients for failing to protect their information, you can get assistance with the right kind of liability coverage. If you handle records and confidential information for your clients on a regular basis, consider adding coverage for failure to prevent electronic theft to your consultants professional liability policy today.

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