Appointments are Critical to Insurance Telemarketing Success

Everyone in sales knows that the best way to build the book of business is to employ outsourced telemarketing services or advanced web-marketing tactics that their competitors are likely making use of as well. Many agents and brokers develop insurance telemarketing and appointment strategies because they realize how important phone contact is to any sales strategy. Hence, here are a few helpful tips on how to make phone time more efficient and get the best results.


You need to have a solid opening

Most calls are either booked or lost in the first 20 seconds of your prospect saying hello, so make every second count! Start by telling them who you are and make a simple, yet compelling statement. Hit them with an open-ended question that will provide them the opportunity to engage you in a dialogue.


For example, “Hello, Mr. Jones, this is John from ABC insurance. I hope I didn’t catch you at a bad time, but I was calling to try and get on your schedule to talk about how I was able to save competitors in your industry up to 20% on their business insurance by using our service. I was hoping for an opportunity to demonstrate how we can do the same for you. How does that sound?”


Keep it short and simple


The idea is for you to simply engage the prospect in a conversation with the goal being for them to ask “how” or form some type of response. Once they show an interest, proceed by asking them when would be a good day and time for a face-to-face meeting. That is the time to further demonstrate your capabilities, along with the features, benefits and history of your firm.


The idea of insurance telemarketing is not to try to sell them then and there, but to secure an appointment where you can put them at ease, and then show them why you can provide them with products that will be beneficial to their organization.


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