Advantages of Having an ISO Business Partner

Partnering with the Insurance Services Office (ISO) helps MGAs, Program Administrators and Insurance Carriers by providing the best possible rates for insurance products. ISO business partners are better able to compete in a burgeoning marketplace, enabling them to provide the most automated and comprehensive insurance solutions and data analytics, while avoiding the high cost and manual maintenance associated with any in-house solutions.

These services help companies increase their service capacity and are also designed to fit any company’s image and brand.

ISO business partners have a “leg up” on the competition

ISO partnering also provides support in developing the business confidence to share the value of available products and services, with solutions for customers and prospects. Because they understand that the rating data being used is critical, ISO provides support to a company’s staff, brokers and customers. After all, customers are at the heart of any business, and it’s critical that any information they receive is up to date and accurate. NetRate Systems, a premier rating software solution for MGAs, Program Administrators and insurers, is an ISO partner, which allows it provide customers with continuous updates to ISO rates, rules and forms, in addition to carrier changes, so that they have the most current information in their system for rating and policy issuance.

NetRate, and other companies that implement rating modules and rating systems in order to offer the best insurance rates also realize that, working with the ISO will allow them to increase their professional service offerings while remaining focused on their core business. Insurance Service Offices is a solid brand, which attracts and retains customers. They are able to do so by offering competitive product margins. It is advantageous to have the support of ISO business partner teams dedicated to ensuring the success of the companies they serve. What better way to connect with customers and peers?


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