A Fresh Look at Online Insurance Marketing Techniques

Perhaps you are concerned that you haven’t grown your book of business as much as you had anticipated during the last year. Besides running a website and regularly servicing social media accounts, what have you done? Maybe it’s time to take the next step and truly embrace the Online Insurance Marketing mediums available to you and get the required results.

Good Content Marketing should be near the top of your list, and this only happens when you create and share interesting content that is meant to help clients, customers and visitors, and not simply to sell products. When you’re able to get your policyholders eager to hear from you and hungry for any information you might provide you’re sure to stay on the top of their minds. Now let’s go over some of the things that you need in order to keep current and ever evolving.

A regular blog will keep them coming back for more

What’s the best way to get people to bookmark your site on their PCs and laptops? Writing a blog. But make sure it’s about things that are useful to your audience, occasionally on topics concerning your products and services. For example, if you sell auto insurance, you may want to write about the new technology in cars that have Heads Up Displays (HUD) to help keep your eyes on the road, or the driverless vehicles being readied for market, and their impact on insurance coverage. The next time you could write about great ways to shop for the latest technological gadgets. Keep the content interesting and engaging.

Send blogs out to clients via an email newsletter

Now that you’re writing a regular blog and actively collecting great content, take those fun and interesting blog posts you’re writing for your agency and put it together in an email newsletter format. This way, your policyholders who may not actively read blogs will have instant access to your work.

Social media promotion is a big piece of the puzzle

Now that you have these new blog posts coming out every week or so, now’s a good time to share this info on your social networks. After all, social media audiences have the ability to help you to widen and expand your audience even further. That’s why sharing high quality content to your social networks can be a key to having a socially engaged network of followers. Online insurance marketing doesn’t have to be difficult, it just takes a little devotion and the results will follow.

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