3 Types of Coverage to Include on Your DigniCARE Insurance Policy

When searching for DignCARE insurance programs, there are a few aspects that should almost always be included. Here are a few benefits you will want to have.

Professional Liability

This includes claims that are made on behalf of residents rights and elder abuse assertions. It can ensure you are covered against any losses that may come from any accusations of errors in medicine given, food related illnesses, or accidental patient injuries that are believed to have caused any financial or physical harm. Medical Directors of the facility are covered under this benefit of DigniCARE insurance, as are those who offer services to residents such as hair stylists.

Commercial Property

Commercial property benefits cover the replacement cost as well as any amount that was agreed upon at the policys creation to protect you and your facility against damages caused by theft, fire and other similar situations. If, as a result of one of these, a residents property is compromised, food becomes spoiled, or appliances are compromised, this would be the benefit under which they you be protected. If there is emergency evacuation, this would also take care of the expenses associated with vacating the property.

General Liability

This aspect of DignaCARE insurance covers anyone who enters the building or the property, whether they are family members of a resident or other visitor. If there is any bodily damage incurred during their visit, or any damage done to their personal property, you are protected.

In addition to these, there are many other benefits you may also want to consider including in your coverage. Speak with a specialist to find out which are best suited to for you.

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